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A Manufacturing Analytics Software
for the
Bottling Industry

When dealing with downtime, making decisions based on assumptions could cost you millions of dollars in manufacturing costs, reduce your market share, and harm the working environment of your organization.

Bottling Plant Ars Combinatoria
Why Inventio


When it comes to managing downtime, having limited data lead to rely on assumptions,

which result in failing to address the root cause of the problem.

Based on our experience, every 1,000 downtime hours translates into

$1 million in overhead costs and 1 million cases in out of stocks.

1,000 Hours

of Downtime

$1 Million
In overhead costs
1 Million Cases
in out of stocks

These numbers vary depending on factors such as geography, production line’s standard speed, and current performance.

What do you achieve

INVENTIO empowers leaders with critical data and insights,

enabling well-informed decision-making, strategic optimization, and efficient resource allocation.

By embracing data-driven decisions, you can navigate challenges,

capitalize on opportunities, and guide your organization to success.


Increased production and profitability

overtime hours

Fosters a
data-driven culture


Promotes consensus among teams

Our Solution

How do we make it possible?

INVENTIO is cloud-based software, designed to minimize and eliminate human error.

Algorithms guarantee data quality, and it’s safe against cyberattacks.

You can manage thousands of downtime causes, it’s easy to use, and it provides real-time metrics

through an interactive interface and automatic production reports.

Get insights in seconds with the following dashboards:


Plant Performance

Cases Analysis

Efficiency Analysis

Scrap Analysis

Utilization Analysis

General Downtime

Downtime per Machine

Downtime Trend Analysis Downtime per SKU

Change Over Analysis

Package and SKU Analysis Supervisor Performance

Inventio Platform Ars Combinatoria

Our approach to the implementation process

To navigate the complexities of modern endeavors and drive success,

we help you to connect people, processes, and technology.

This holistic approach ensures a well-balanced and adaptable framework

that maximizes the potential of both human capabilities and technological advancements.

Ars Combinatoria


Drive productivity

and prosperity with data


Ars Combinatoria

We are the company behind INVENTIO.

At Ars Combinatoria we combine art, science, engineering and technology to create solutions that generate economic, social and environmental value.

With decades of experience in the bottling industry, we understand first-hand the challenges and ever-changing conditions of the business.

More than software,
we are real support

We know adopting new technologies is a challenge for any company and that's why we not only offer you the INVENTIO system, but also provide continuous onboarding and support for as long as you need it.

Luis G. Colon

Reliability Engineer at PET Plastics

“The integration of INVENTIO was a seamless experience. Ars Combinatoria’s team demonstrated great professionalism during the implementation process, clarifying all our doubts along the way. The platform is easy to use and adapted perfectly to our needs.”

Ingrid Pineda

Plant Manager at PET Plastics

"The integration of INVENTIO was successful. One of the key points was the availability and expertise of the Ars Combinatoria staff and the teamwork between us and ARS. The platform is
simple and user-friendly."

Wildaniel Díaz Cruz

Data Analyst Coca-Cola Puerto Rico Bottlers

INVENTIO brough innovation to our workplace by speeding the data gathering and providing analysis of that data. Our workforce was able to enhance their output, motivation and speed up their dairy tasks.”
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